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03 April 2019

MdM Japon: Translator/ Project Assistant

Background of the activities in Lao PDR, Médecins du Monde Japon

Médecins du Monde Japon (MdM Japon) has been present in Laos since 2012 and had implemented its first project in Champassak, which ended at the end of 2015, for the mother and child health project in collaboration with, one of MdM’s global network, Médecins du Monde France. MdM France had also worked in Savannakhet province from 1990 to 1997 for a surgical and obstetric program. In this way, MdM has a long working relationship with the health authorities in Lao PDR to contribute the health of people in Laos.

Brief overview of pediatric project
The new project has been run since the beginning of 2017. The project is designed for 3 years at the beginning to serve better health for children under 5 years old in Xone and Huemeuang districts, Houaphan province.

The ultimate goal of the project is to contribute to reduce mortality and morbidity rates of children under five years old. To achieve this goal, we set up following objectives.

Objective 1: Capacity building of the health facility staff and improve/ sustain the quality of technical supervision
Objective 2: Reinforce health education in the villages and improve the villagers’ health seeking behavior

For each objectives, we implement following activities.
Activity 1: IMCI ToT training, IMCI clinical training, supervision tool review, and enhancement of on-site supervision.
Activity 2: Training/ workshop for Village Health Committee members and on-site supervision of Health Education/ promotion at the villages.
Other objectives and activities emphasise on collaboration with relevant health authorities to find suitable ways of working for the health staff and the villagers to keep the functions that will be formed through the project.

Duties description:

Project Assistant/ Translator (PA) deals with the official documentation with the relevant ministries for the project to be operated in accordance with the Lao government policy on iNGOs. PA will be in charge of logistic work and administrative support wherever necessary.
PA serves as a project translator for any kind of documents, reports or letters as well as simultaneous interpretation for the expatriate staff (mainly Country Director) in internal/ external meetings or when conducting the field activities.

1.    Translation/ interpretation
·           English to Lao, Lao to English
·           Internal and external meeting simultaneous translator
·           Interpreter of internal/ external documents, reports, letters etc
·           Field translator (ex: interviews in the research, during monitoring/ supervision etc)

2.    Organisational support
·           Facilitate/ prepare Operation Permit extension, Work Permit for expatriates, stay ID, visa etc in collaboration with the office assistant.
·           Write/ translate necessary documents to do with the tasks (eg. Official letters to the authorities)
·           It may involve travel to Vientiane for the visit relevant authorities.
·           Collaborate with Office administrator to make sure the filing and documentation system.
·           Help accountant if necessary.

3.    Logistic work
·           Support/ prepare procurement process
·           Project car planning with the drivers
·           Summarise project vehicle monthly record with the drivers
·           Asset management (make sure recording)

4.    Regular tasks
·           Participate in external/ internal meetings
·           Contribute to make reports, presentation etc for the meetings with the team
·           Contribute to preparing regular reporting to the donor, partners, or head quarter with the team.
·           Document interpretation (internal, external)

Profile of the ideal candidate

5.    Professional qualification
-       Graduated secondary school with sufficient working experience to show competency in the tasks
-       Graduated collage/ university (or equivalent) preferable.
-       At least 3 year working experience, preferably, as translator/ interpreter, Manager assistant etc.
-       Experience in administrative work especially official document writing and liaison with the ministries
-       Experience in logistic work (vehicle record keeping, asset management)
-       Experience in interpretation/ translation in the medical field is an asset

6.    Preferable professional experience
-       Previous experience in working with/ within Laos health system
-       Previous experience in working with any Laos Government partners
-       Previous experience in working for international NGO/ organisations is an asset

7.    Other required/ desired skills
-       Laotian (native level)
-       Fluent in English (speaking, writing)
-       Computer skills (Word, Excel with command of formula, Power Point, e-mail, internet)
-       Accuracy in the tasks
-       Not bothered by long vehicle travel
-       Willing to /learn new tasks/ experience as your career development
-       Flexible/ creative to the unexpected (Solution based approach)
-       Schedule keeping skill (with prioritising skill)
-       Communication skills (internal, external)
-       Ability to listen to others, speak your ideas as contribution to the teamwork
-       Honest and open
-       Interest, curiosity and respect for different cultural backgrounds, ability to consider intercultural approach
-       Patience
-       Understanding and respect of the organisational principles for integrity.

·           Benefit package will be provided according to the Médecins du Monde Japon’s standard upon successful completion of probation period.
·           Salary will be set according to experience and qualifications based on the Médecins du Monde Japon’s standard.
·           Médecins du Monde Japon considers housing in case the applicant should move from other provinces/ district for taking this position.

How to apply
·           Interested applicants should submit a set of application letter and CV with 2 referent with their contacts
·           An application letter is in both English and Laotian. CV in English.
Please show your qualification relevant to this position in your application documents.
·           Due date: before 20th April 2019. *The recruitment may be closed any time before the due date when found a suitable candidate.

Expected start of working is May 2019

·           Addressed to:
If technical problem regarding email address etc, inquiry to the number: 064312308
If the documents are not sufficient enough, they will be excluded from recruitment process.
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interview.
No return of the documents.