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03 April 2019

Data collection for Endline Evaluation Study of Health-WASH Project

Description of the position, qualifications and experiences required

A survey team is required to collect health and WASH data in 30 villages in three districts (Houn, TaOy and Salavan), based on the data collection tools provided by Plan Laos.  Data collection will involve the following:
  • Document review (eg. village records, monitoring forms) to gather or verify key information about the communities, including population, households, latrines, water supply
  • Household surveys – 300 (10 households in 30 villages, 10 in Houn District Oudomxay, and 10 in each of TaOy and Saravan Districts of Saravan Province) to gather sex-disaggregated information on knowledge action practice (KAP) relating to health, nutrition, hygiene and sanitation.
  • Village Head survey – 30 (One in each surveyed village) to gather general statistics on village population and health status
  • Health Centre survey - 14 to gather information on health centre conditions, equipment, supplies and work processes
  • Focus group discussions - 18 (6 adolescent/women’s groups, 6 men’s group and 6 village committee groups, 2 villages in each district)
    • Women’s focus group discussion including adolescent girls and women of reproductive age, to gather information on hygiene and nutrition knowledge, health seeking practices and menstrual hygiene management
    • Men Focus Group Discussion including men and fathers aged 21-40, to gather their perceptions and attitudes particularly on MNCH and WASH tasks.
    • Village committee focus group discussions (either health committee or water management committee) to gather information on village processes for planning and implementation of village health plan  
Click HERE to see attached Terms of Reference document for more details.

Deadline: April 11, 2019
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